Limited Hosting. Only 90 hosting plans a month.

We are not focused to gather too many customers and give worst service in the industry. Just look around you, all are interested to get more customers to earn more money. In effect of this we buy cheap plans and starting to complaining about the worst service. Let us stop the unethical way of business. 

Listen us first, then decide what’s your priority. We are making clear, what we can do at best for you, and we are limiting our business figures to take the best quality from us.

Webzieh decided to sell 90 hosting plans a month. And 90 plans divided equally to 5 platforms we use to sell hosting plans. Our aim is to give best service in the industry. We know our rates are competitive, and also we need to focus more on excellent quality and support for existing customers. 

We like to remember you something else more. We  all are going through tough economic times, it will pass us the sooner or not. So make sure, when we spend each coin from our pocket, brought us required quality we need. Quality doesn’t mean costly. We expect a quality, when we spend a coin, and coin we gave, is able to produce a certain amount of quality by the producer. If you are not getting that much quality for your coin, you are forced to spend more on your requirement of quality.

We are able to sell unlimited number of hosting plans, but if we failed to give an upper quality service, superior security and amble support for a customer, customer dissatisfaction will affect our business and our reputation will be ruined. So we are very careful to limit the customer to give the best we can to satisfy our customer.

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