About us

IIEZZ Business Solution is a business consultant company, which aimed to support retail businesses to become online seller. IiEZZ is a branch of Webzieh Creations, partnered with some energetic young people, who are willing to develop new business ideas, with a vision to serve the business sector with good intentions and dedications. As an educated young team, we were searching for an opportunity to unite us some business opportunity to stay always together.

As we collectively studied the most important and most needed aspect in the business world is support. And our study focused on, what support we can offer as a team. We met many people, we discussed many opportunities, many requirements. We found our retail business sectors are shrinking because of upcoming online shopping behavior of people. So we decided to start up a business solution for retail sector, which help them to adapt and compete with the fast growing online business behavior.

It's an act of service which help many retailers to exist in the upcoming market trend changes, as we know many retailers are doing business for their daily living earnings. Most of them are interested to upgrade to the market trend changes, but their limitations in computer knowledge, fear to adapt new changes etc limit them to exist. Here we IIEZZ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS extending our hand to support them, the way we can to exist in the business sector to earn their daily living earnings.

We are here to support anyone with our services, which help you to grow your career, earnings and dreams. We need everybody be happy in their own space, and we are happy to see others are growing with our support.

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