,An Australian advertising solution.

An Australian E-advertising Solution.


Do you know how cam advertise or list your products or services in internet? It’s complicated and really expensive until now.

In current era, internet presence of a business is an inevitable, due to increasing the level of competition. Now a day, everybody has facility to search internet whenever, wherever, they required. So the businesses easily available on search has the winning card. The major studies show; internet presence of businesses helps them to boost their sales revenue to 160% than without internet presence.

Many people still don’t know, the ways to get internet presence. There are some ways and it has its own positive and negative attitude. One of the popular way is creating a website for the business and list the products or services online through the website. But many of them don’t know SEO, which is expensive, to get the targeted traffic to the website or expected output. First of all, creating website and maintaining it, is expensive, if they are not being created and hosted through or Secondly business owner must be willing and able to spend very big amount on SEO to bring the products or services to good ranking to get visibility on immediate search of clients.

The other way is to list products and services in some e-commerce websites like amazon, eBay, etc. And the problem is they are not advertising websites, they are e-commerce websites. So if your products and services may not get much importance like big giants, who all are expert in e-commerce industry. And also some hidden things are; control by e-commerce companies, profit sharing, etc. So in effect by listing in e-commerce sites, you can get visibility in e-commerce sites not in whole internet.

We discussed this e-market situation with many middle level and small business enterprises, and we came with a best solution to support all businesses. In Australia we launched an online advertising and listing platform, with free SEO support, it’s called ‘ausiiz’, because we meant it only for Australian Businesses. It has many features like, SEO support for individual products, services, vendors, categories, pages, posts, etc. As everyone knows SEO is the only way to boost ranking to get immediate visibility on internet.

We came up with some subscription plans, with most possibly cheapest and reasonable rates. In addition to all, we facilitate to share the products or services in ‘Liivnow’ a fastest growing social media and in ‘’ a new high ranked blogging site, which helps to get triple effect for advertisers for their listed products and services.

We facilitate some more features, which includes vendor dashboard. If a visitor of is interested in your products or services, he or she can express interest and it will visible in vendor’s dashboard. So that vendor can contact the interested visitor directly to get the business.

Now it’s your turn to grow your business with ausiiz. You can make free account and get familiar with ausiiz.Then you can upgrade to any higher plans to upload more products or services.

Advertise or list your products and services in and grow faster than you think. We support you as we can.

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