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‘How sell online for free?’ is the most searched question by online sellers in the web world right now. The e-commerce industry is growing very fast and every retailer are hurry to find a good place to sell. But most of them are confused because of many things which are not in their knowledge. E-commerce is an inevitable part of every business right now. As everybody knows, now people are finding everything in fingertips. So the most available seller on fingertip is the smartest seller.

The main problem of most of the sellers are, they are best businessmen but not best or good at e-commerce. So that they are forced to depend on others or other e-commerce platforms. This gives others a chance to exploit the sellers very badly. And sellers are unaware of, which selling platform is suitable for them.

I am hoping this writing become a great support to every seller to meet a new e-commerce platform to sell completely free, so that sellers can get an idea about which strategy they have to improve in e-commerce industry.

WWW.CANIIZ.COM is a new e-commerce platform, which is completely free for sellers. Unlike others they are not get profit share of sellers, not charging any money from sellers right now. So sellers can sell or experiment their selling strategies for free, that means without any cost. And no other platforms are giving this benefit yet now. So I recommend every seller to use CANIIZ.COM, which give ample support in e-commerce sector.

Seller will get his own dashboard after registration, which gives him clear data about his online presence. And all the facilities are free, that means every seller getting these facilities without any charges. Seller can upload unlimited products, create discount coupons, get his own e-shop space, which can use as his e-store.

Free interaction of sellers and buyer is not forbidden. For each product, buyer can directly interact with seller, so that buyer can get clear ideas about each and every product uploaded by seller. And also buyers can make review on seller and each products.

Direct shipping by sellers. Now a day every e-commerce company own their own carriers to ship the products and they are charging big money from sellers. If not, they contracted with some third party carriers and they mutually agreed to charge big money for shipping the products. And in the end, seller is sacrificing his profit to ship his received orders.CANIIZ.COM is not functioning like any other e-commerce platforms.CANIIZ.COM is not involving in any shipping activities of seller. Seller can decide how to ship. He can ship himself or arrange through any shipping carriers, so that nobody is going to get overcharged or make extra benefit from it.

Mode of Payment is another big thing in e-commerce industry. Payment on order confirmation was the most common method used by all the e-commerce companies. But the trend changed to Cash on Delivery, which is widely supported by most of the buyers worldwide, as it is considered as the safest mode of payment. But now most of the e-commerce companies are charging extra money for Cash on Delivery feature.CANIIZ.COM is only supporting Cash on Delivery as mode of payment. And the benefit is CANIIZ.COM is not interfering any money matters of sellers. Sellers are directly collecting or collecting money through their shipping carrier for their received orders.

If a seller is totally independent on selling online through a platform, then why a seller has to choose a dependent platform to spend more money.

Be intelligent and smart on choosing eCommerce platforms. Don’t let big giants loot and exploit you.

Wishing all GOOD days ahead.

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