Amazon is one of industry pioneer in India. But Amazon is struggling very badily to compete with Indiiz and Flipkart. Marketing strategy of Amazon and Flipkart are almost same. But Indiiz has a marketing strategy, which is really function as a feature for the buyers. And the sellers are much happy of Indiiz selling policies and strategies. 

Indiiz is the game-changer in online shopping industry. The great cashback feature gives much benefit to buyers, when we compare with big billion day of Flipkart and great India sale of Amazon. Flipkart and Amazon have also cashback offer on the basis of certain conditions. But Indiiz don’t have any conditions for cashback, every buyer will get cashback upon completion of order. 

Flipkart upcoming sale offer is big billion day. The recent study says, Flipkart sales growth is 58% lower than Amazon and Indiiz. And Flipkart couldn’t find the reason behind the sales loss in the recent time. But the most pleasurable matter is Indian e-commerce industry attained 30 billion sale in 2018. So it’s very evident that, Indian e-commerce industry is achieving a faster growing pace.

  • Indiiz has cashback with each and every product.
  • Cashback will be credited to buyer's my wallet.
  • Cashback will be credited only after successful completion of each order.
  • Successful completion means, delivery of order in buyer doorsteps.

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