Flipkart and Indiiz are the leading online shopping sites in India. Flipkart sale in India and Indiiz cashback are the most attractive offers in online shopping industry. Amazon is slowly start to penetrate Indian market, through big offers. But none of the sellers are happy with the selling policies and charges of Amazon.

Flipkart is leading, but the growth of Indiiz and Amazon brings mere growth rate in the last surveys shows. Now the trend of shopping easily converted to online and a lot of small platforms like mantra, aliexpress, jollychic etc came into existence.

Due to increasing big competition online shopping platforms are forced to give big discounts. So that Amazon, brought grand India Sale, Flipkart brought big billion day etc. Even these all came, Indiiz got high valued orders due to cashback offer.

As the sale goes down, flipkart force to bring big billion offer very frequently, so that flipkart sellers are leaving flipkart and joining Indiiz. Indiiz sellers are happy to sell, due to low service charge and not demanding sellers to lower their price. Indiiz is giving cashback from their collected service charges.So that sellers are happy to serve with lowest price in the market. 

Indiiz sellers have some other advantages than other platforms. Amazon and flipkart are forcing to keep the stock , if a seller need to sell in the platform. But Indiiz asked sellers to outsource the product when order comes, so that seller no need to invest huge amount in stocking of products. And shipping is simplified by Indiiz, when an order comes, Indiiz arrange shipper to collect the order from the seller premises.

When we made a study on Indian online shopping sites, we can confidently recommend to buyers and sellers to stick with Indiiz for more benefits compared with other big and small platforms.

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