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Why Ausiiz is safer than any other online shops in Australia?

Now a day’s retail industry is shifting to e-commerce sector due to heavy sale opportunities in online. Experts in e-commerce sectors saying, drastic changes in online causes high sales rate in e-commerce sector. Each and everyday e-commerce industry is growing faster and faster. As the growth rate is high, the possibility of corruption by giants are higher and higher. As everybody knows entering to e-commerce sector is much expensive, so the small and middle level businesses are forced to get into the traps of big giants.


Now everybody knows, who are giants and its pointless to target on some giants for criticizing. They are exploiting small and middle businesses and make them dependent to them. The exploitation is not just in words. Now it’s time to change.

They charge subscription charges from sellers and buyers.

They ship the product with their or third party carrier and charging both seller and buyer for it.

If the order is Cash on delivery, they have a special charge called Cash on delivery charge.

No ended. They have hidden charges also.

If the carrier is third party, contracted with them, will give commission for orders. The carriers are charging from sellers for it.

For each received order, seller must pay a commission to them from 8% to 30% according to type of products.

And in all effect, seller and buyer is sacrificing their money to get the products, which is not at all a reasonable price.

Now let us say about Ausiiz, which makes different from everyone.

1.As everybody knows owning an e-commerce platform is expensive and it is more expensive to maintain and updating a platform. Here is our first solution, is an online platform to sell and buy everything in Australia. We have free selling options (now no paid options activated. Paid subscriptions will be activated along with free subscription plan in the future.). We don’t charge subscription charges from buyers (No charges for buyers.). We only collect subscription charges from sellers who chose paid subscription.

  1. The main second feature is Shipping choice completely by seller. Now a day many shipping agencies support online sellers with many features and best rates. So why a third party involve to support seller to ship a product, which may cause increase in shipping rate. If the buyer is nearer, seller can ship it himself to save the money.
  2. Cash on delivery is another important feature. Now a days many sellers are cheating their buyers by shipping old or damaged products, which destroys reputation of e-commerce platforms. So many e-commerce platforms are facilitating Cash on Delivery and charging a special charge for it. But we are different. We only facilitate Cash on Delivery. We are not collecting any money on behalf of sellers. As sellers are directly shipping, buyer is directly paying to the seller or through seller’s carrier. No third party is involved.
  3. Direct interaction of seller and buyer. None of the e-commerce platforms allow seller to interact with buyer, until there is a problem in order. Again we are different from others. Sellers and buyers are free to interact through us or offline. Our intention is to give great support to both seller and buyer.
  4. No profit sharing. All e-commerce platforms are charging 8% to 30% of profit as commission based on type of products. If a seller receives an order, its payment come through only through e-commerce payment channel. It takes from 7 to 14 days to get the payment after deduction of their commission. But Ausiiz is not charging any commission for any orders, as we are not involving in seller’s money.

Sellers Benefits.

  1. Free and Paid Subscription to sell online.

  2. Direct shipping by seller, no involvement of Ausiiz.

  3. Cash on Delivery.

  4. Direct interaction with buyer.

  5. No profit sharing.

Buyer Benefits.

  1. No charges for any orders.

  2. Direct shipped from seller.

  3. Cash on Delivery.

  4. Direct interaction with seller.

  5. Best reasonable price in the market.


Now it’s your time to think, because we explained what makes us different from other e-commerce websites and applications.

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