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Indiiz, New and Best online e-commerce platform in India.

Indiiz, New and Best online e-commerce platform in India.

Indiiz is a new online platform to buy everything online in India. There is a question, why I have to buy from indiiz, even we have a lot old platforms like flipkart, snapdeal and amazon. Answer is simple, they all are old, and they focused in more profit because they are popular enough to get buyers easily. So that their features to save buyer pocket is lesser.

Indiiz have best new sellers who started and growing along with indiiz. So that we believe our sellers are providing best rate in the industry. And also we have to say the negative aspect of indiiz which can be overcome the sooner. As indiiz is new, the product range is lesser than other giants in the industry. And the fact is when they started, they also went through the same issue and they overcame it later.

Let me highlight the main attractive features for buyers.

1. Introduced My Wallet system.

2. Sign-up and get a gift amount in your wallet.

3. Referral program to earn credit in wallet

4. Credit a discount to wallet after every successful order.

5. Credit an amount to wallet continuously for active buyers.

1. Introduced my wallet system.

You may have noticed wallet system in some other e-commerce platforms recently. Likewise, indiiz have also an e-wallet in customer dashboard. Customer can top-up they wallet to make easy shopping and also save any amount in wallet for future purchase. And second benefit is, credit can be transferred to friends as gift to make purchase from indiiz. So if a customer need to give a gift which worth INR 5000.00, just top-up the wallet and transfer the amount to the friend. So his friend can buy anything worth INR 5000.00 from indiiz. One more good feature is there; it will be explained in coming points.

2. Sign-up and get a gift amount in your e-wallet.

When a new customer sign-up, that customer get a gift amount in the e-wallet to start shopping from indiiz. So when the customer places the first order, the customer need to pay balance amount which is deducted from e-wallet for the order. And if the customer need to save the gift amount for future purchase, it is also facilitating in the e-wallet.

3. Referral program to earn credit amount in e-wallet.

When a customer signs in to customer account, he can access to e-wallet. From e-wallet customer get a referral link. Every customer can forward this link to his contacts. If anyone use his link to access indiiz, the customer who forwarded get a gift credit amount in the e-wallet.

4. Get a credit amount in e-wallet after every successful purchase.

Every customer gets a sure discount after every purchase, and it will automatically reflect in e-wallet after every successful shopping. A successful shopping means, when an order got delivered successfully, it can be classified as successful order.

5. Indiiz credit some amount to my wallet for active customers.

If a customer buys continuously from Indiiz, that customer gets some credit in e-wallet, which helps to motivate the desire of customer to buy more from indiiz.

As Indiiz is new in the industry, you may feel Indiiz couldn’t reach some kind of benchmarks set by industry giants. And we can believe indiiz will reconstruct every benchmark by industry giants to set new heights, which will satisfy the wish of its sellers, customers and well-wishers. Suggesting all Indians to consider too, when you plan for an online shopping.

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