Liivnow opens a golden opportunity for it’s members. Earn with Liivnow.


It’s a great pleasure to, announce to our active members, we prepared a very special opportunity for your valuable support to grow with us. You have opportunity to earn monthly,yearly and lifetime. We are sure , if you are active for some years, your lifetime you can enjoy your days in vacations. And you can decide, how much you need every month for your happy living.

We introduce a lifetime earning program. It’s unique and highly recommended for all, irrespective of age, education, gender,etc. This program is unique by it’s features. There are three main features, they are; commission, lifetime earning, allowances and unexpected bonuses.

1. Commission.

Commission is a basic earning for your task you undertake to earn money. And its not a small amount, you can get 11% of your clients value of order. It can be 3$ to 150$ according to the size of order we receive from your clients. More details.

2. Lifetime Earnings.

We can say confidently say, this is unique and nobody do this for anyone in this world. Even governments giving pension only after you paid your taxes. This is better than pension fund. Pension fund you will receive only after your retirement, it’s a part of your earnings you saved for your retirement life. Our program is different angles from it. We are not collecting any fund from our members for giving a lifetime income. Our program is not waiting for your retirement to give you lifetime income, we are giving it from every second year. More details.

3. Allowances

If you are hard working for your daily earning, we promise you, you will earn very high. We support you with allowances, not a simple allowances, but with multiple allowances. We are providing our hard workers with four type of allowances. We give medical allowance, food allowance, clothing allowance and liivnow allowance. More details.

4. Unexpected Bonus

We are happy to give you , what you deserve. We designed to share some more with our active members, on the way in our growth. More details will be revealed about this in the immediate future.

Now all is your decision You just want to waste your time with playing online games in some unsecured social media, who utilize you to earn money or utilize you time intelligently to earn a good sum of money for happy and secured life with a secured social media called Liivnow, who gives opportunity to earn money.

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