Main Features of Ore Thickener Tank

The Thickener Tank is a solid-liquid separation device based on gravity sedimentation. It is usually a cylindrical shallow groove and a tapered bottom. It is made of concrete, wood or metal welded plates as a structural material.

An excellent thickener brand needs to meet two basic indicators: good equipment quality and innovation. In addition to the characteristics of a basic high-efficiency concentrator, the deep cone is another distinct feature. The high-efficiency thickener is mainly composed of a deep cone feeding device, a feeding device, a stirring device and an automatic control system. Wet beneficiation is mainly used for high concentration concentration of concentrated concentrates and tailings. The underflow density is as high as 300-800 g/L, and the overflow water meets international emission standards. Efficient deep cone concentrators can also be used to concentrate other fine and low density slurries and wastewater treatment outside the beneficiation industry.

Performance characteristics of thickening tank:

1. The mining sleeve is moved down, and the receiving tray is set to uniformly and smoothly drop the feeding slurry, thereby effectively preventing the tumbling caused by the residual pressure of the ore.

2. The overflow weir is changed to a zigzag shape, which improves the water absorption of the local drainage caused by the overflow weir height.

3. The mine pipe is below the liquid level to prevent gas from entering the mine.

4. Increase the degassing tank to prevent solid particles from adhering to the air bubbles, like the “parachute” settlement phenomenon.

During the concentration process, the ore particles suspended in the slurry settle due to their own gravity. During the settlement, the ore particles accelerate under the action of gravity, and then the resistance increases due to the accelerated sinking speed of the ore particles, resulting in a gradual decrease in acceleration until the resistance increases to the ore grade. Piccolo. When the gravity is equal, the acceleration of the ore particle sinking is reduced to zero. In a continuous concentration tank, the precipitation concentration process is ultimately divided into a clarification zone, a settling zone, a compression zone, and a compression zone.

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