Online Product Listing

Every businessman wants to grow their business to the next level. Everyone has desire, but due to their busy business life or any limitations, they are not able to focus on it. Here we come up with a intelligent support for you. Everyone knows, online selling is the most required feature of every retail business. Here we open doors for you with our service to list your products on any shopping platforms. We are listing products in many established platforms like Indiiz, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

About iiezz team

Start-up Online Seller Support

Our young generations are much energetic and searching to do something productive which can change their life.We are giving an idea who all are interested to do some start-up as their own. Everybody knows, now the world is going to an online shopping culture faster and faster, so that a lot of online shopping platforms developed by many companies in various sectors.Here we invite to start an online selling company to sell any established online selling shops in India. We designed three packages which help everyone to begin the start-up with limited fund.

GST Registration & Filing

most of the businessman are unaware of online business GST, so that they are afraid to sell online. We are here to support every online seller with every GST registration and filing requirements.For your information, GST registration is mandatory for every online sellers, ie; every online seller must file GST return, if the seller made a business for one rupee. GST is not a complicated subject, if you felt so, we are here to simplify GST for you.

Photography & Editing

There are many online sellers, who are able to list the product themselves, but unable to take pictures of products. Some online sellers have facility to take pictures of product, but not able to edit the product according to the size specification of online platforms. We are here to support all your online selling and listing requirements.We have facility to take picture of each products and able to customize or edit the picture in the required specifications.

Special Training Program

We are conducting an individual training program for sellers, who are interested to register and list their products by them self. We are happy to encourage everyone who capable to do product listing. The training program includes, seller account registration, product uploading, price calculation, image editing for uploading and dashboard handling. We are do training for sellers who interested to list products directly on Right now we are giving training for Indiiz only.In the future we are planning to add multiple platforms in the training program.

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