Souq is charging too much service charges.

Saudiiz is a free e-commerce platform for India.Free means completely free.No service charges ,no profit sharing for sellers.And from customer side, no service charges or any other hidden charges.

The benefits are still more.

  1. Self shipping by Sellers

Seller can ship the product himself,through any carrier or if seller can make himself to save money.The benefit is for both parties.Seller can list the product for the best price and buyer can get it for the best price.Normally every e-commerce platforms get commission from shipping companies ,which is charged from seller or buyer.

2. Cash on delivery.

COD is the only best mode of business in online industry right now.Through COD trust between seller and buyer increases and can be developed good business relation.And best thing is Seller directly collect the price of their selling products, so third party is sharing seller profit, so that it will not negatively affect the price of a product.

3. Sellers have their own e-shop dashboard

Seller gets a dashboard after registering as a seller in the seller can control everything on their e-shop from their dashboard.

4. Buyer has My account

Buyer has his own account, which shows his shopping history and direct access to all sellers around you.

5. Direct interaction of seller & buyer.

Seller and Buyer are allowed to interact directly to support both to keep good business relation.

More features are there……

Start selling,buying & searching through

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