Facbook is not relevant now,why?

Liivnow is a newly launched social media website without third party integration.Liivnow already launched their android App Splash page of #Liivnow App Liivnow is not competing with any existing social media platforms,but it can be replaced with some popular social media which is not at all safe now. Most of the US people and companies already left facebook due …

Facbook is not relevant now,why? Read More » on air.Start blogging

#blogging #blog #medium #iiezz #liivnow #webzieh #twitter #facebook I searched for a new blogging site online yesterday,and I was wondered and glad after seeing is not just a blogger but also we can ask any questions, as we ask in quora. The name of website is pronouncing as ‘is’,and it sounds simple and funny, … on air.Start blogging Read More »

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